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    How long will it take to repair my phone?
    Most of our repairs are done the same day we receive the phone, sometimes we do have repairs that vary.
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    How much will it cost to fix my phone?
    If we know right away what is an issue that your are having, we will give you an estimate price, a lot of times if there are multiple issues that you are having, we will take your phone for an estimate which is free of charge for you. After that we can provide you with prices and let you know what is wrong with your device.
  3. Q
    How do I pay for my repair?
    We accept all major credit card and cash.
  4. Q
    What should I do if I suspect my phone has liquid/water damage?
    Take the battery our immediately if possible in certain models of phones. Do not attempt to turn the phone on. Then get the phone to us as quickly as possible. We can't guarantee that we will fix it, but we do fix most water damaged devices. As soon as you bring it to us, the higher chances you have on having it back and working.
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    Can you unlock my phone?
    Yes, we can unlock most GSM phones even iPhone.
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    Do you fix any other electronic devices?
    Yes, we also fix iPod's, MP3 Player, Video Game Console and scratch CDs.
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    Why should I trust your company?
    We provide you with the best quality service that's out there. You will get a good price quote and high quality for your money. All the parts we use are OEM Parts. We give 30 days of warranty for parts and labor.
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    What if I already have the part that is needed to fix my phone?
    We can install your part for an installation fee, but we can not warranty the repair because we have not provided the part.
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